Avoid Liability for Mold


How to Avoid Liability for Mold in Rentals in Sacramento

Keeping your Sacramento rentals mold-free is one of the most important responsibilities a landlord has. Mold refers to many kinds of fungus that grow wherever there is moisture. It can come in many shapes and colors. Although many kinds of mold are harmless, some kinds of mold produce mycotoxins that can cause adverse health effects such as nausea, fatigue, rashes, and asthma. California is one of the few states that have enacted laws regulating mold, so if you own a rental home in Sacramento, you need to be familiar with the Toxic Mold Protection Act of 2001 so that your tenants stay healthy and your wallet remains full.The act establishes a permissible level of airborne mold in rentals in Sacramento. To be sure that you are in compliance, you should have a professional mold inspector check the property before a new tenant moves in. This will keep the new tenant healthy, and it will also help to determine if you or the tenant is the cause of any mold growth in the future.


If your tenant complains about mold, take care of the complaint immediately. If you do not, the tenant may hire a professional inspector or contractor to handle the problem and deduct the costs from the next month's rent, assuming that the tenant has given you sufficient notice to fix the problem.


The tenant may be liable for the costs of mold removal if the tenant created conditions that allowed the mold to grow. This is likely if the tenant constantly neglected to use available ventilation devices during cooking or showering. However, if the property lacks these devices, the liability will rest with you.


With constant vigilance, you can make sure that you quickly solve any mold problems in your Sacramento rental properties.