Top 5 Tax Write-offs For Landlords

  No one really likes to deal with taxes, but avoiding them until the end of the year can result in missed opportunities to write-off expenses. Thinking about deductible expenses [...]

Proposed California Bill AB1335 to Increase Filing Taxes by 1,250%

Over the past two years, California Bill 1335 has been making its way through the California Legislature. AB1335, named the Building Homes and Jobs Act, is attempting to establish [...]

Governor Jerry Brown Vetoes Tax Relief Bill for Mortgage Debt Forgiveness in 2014

On Saturday, October 10, Governor Jerry Brown vetoed AB 99, a bill that sought to extend the federal Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act to California borrowers. AB 99 would have [...]

5 Common Lease Violations and How to Deal With Them

For landlords, lease violations are a headache. If you thought that your detailed lease contract would prevent lease violations, but despite your best efforts your tenants still [...]

Selling Rental Property with Tenants

"Can I sell my rental property with tenants in it?"  This is a common question many landlords face at sometime or another.  The answer is yes, but it is a bit more complicated [...]
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