Maintenance and Repairs

All Inclusive Realty Group holds a "Triple A" (AAA) standard for our maintenance and repair division.

We follow the motto that our technicians are available for “Anything, Anywhere, Anytime”. One of the reasons we are able to live by this promise to our clients is because, as a company, we hold our own contractors license. This means we have immediate access to our technicians and their availability and can deploy them wherever our priority is. On any given day, our technicians may be replacing a window in the morning and in the afternoon snaking out a plumbing problem. We also have a broad list of vendors for every type of maintenance request.

Diversified Training and Expertise

Due to the wide-ranging requirements for the maintenance of any facility, our technicians must be diversified not only in their trade skills, but also in their people and communication skills. Our maintenance and repair division operates in not only a response mode, but we also provide our customers with proactive services. One of the ways we reach out to our clients to remind them of proactive services is through our monthly Newsletter, which is filled with new and insightful information every month for each division in our company (not to mention monthly discounts for our readers!).

Our maintenance staff will help you every step of the way.

When a tenant sends in a maintenance request, we send out a vendor for that issue as soon as possible. We strive to have the maintenance work performed within 24 hours of the call. For emergencies, each property manager has an emergency cell phone that is always operating. All of our property managers can be reached 24 hours a day, weekends and holidays included. If the tenant causes the issue, for example a backed up toilet due to a child's toy, the tenant would be charged for that bill. In addition, if there are vendors that an owner would rather use, we would be more than happy to accommodate those requests.

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