Marketing / Advertising

We provide expert assistance with rental marketing in Sacramento or throughout the Sacramento area.

All Inclusive Realty Group Inc. has several types of free advertising methods. Our company website has an up to date vacancy list at all times and receives the majority of our traffic on rental inquiries. All vacant properties are placed on additional advertising websites, such as,,,,,, SNR Classifieds, plus many, many more.

Signage is placed in front of all vacant properties to generate interest. Also, our office traffic receives a high volume of inquiries regarding available properties in the rental market. We prefer to advertise in the Penny Saver or Sac Bee for a small charge by running weekly ads for vacant properties if properties are having a harder time being filled. We try and help each and every person find what he or she desires. We take full advantage of our large client base and excellent reputation, as word of mouth is one of the best advertising tools available.

Advanced Marketing

Tenant Screening

We continue our marketing process even during tenant screening. First, we treat every applicant with respect by working quickly to give a fast, accurate assessment of their qualifying status. We believe that fast response time and open communication is one of the best ways to encourage word of mouth. The following is the tenant screening process:

The process begins after the tenant turns in an application to rent.

  • Credit history
  • Criminal background check
  • Income verification
  • Rental history
  • Prior eviction actions


All Inclusive Realty Group Inc. recommends a one-year lease on all properties. However, we do provide service which best meets the owners needs. If an owner would rather secure a 6-month or a month-to-month lease, we are more than happy to accommodate this request. The reasoning behind a year lease being signed is to avoid turning a unit and have a renter move out two months later and have to turn the unit over again. We ask for an equal value amount of a deposit on each property. Deposit amounts are negotiable on a case by case basis.

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