Join Me as a Partner or LLC Collaborator

Today's market offers us a spectacular investment opportunity; I (Gary Burmaster, Owner and CEO of All Inclusive Realty Group) am looking for partners to join into an LLC to take advantage of these once in a lifetime real estate investment opportunities we are currently experiencing.  When partnered together, I will: buy, rehab, sell and/or manage the compliance and taxes as well as manage the property for free for the life of the LLC.  Also, each LLC will have an exit plan (Buy/Sell Agreement).

Advantages of Partnering with Me

  • Lowers Buy in Rate
  • Better Taxes in an LLC
  • Average ROI of 35-55 % Cash on Cash
  • Limited Liability & Asset Protections
  • Free Sales and Property Management
  • Buy/Sell Agreement
  • My Network/Team
  • Maintenance Split Between Partners
  • In Addition, Get the Best Deals!

Why I need you

  • Can Build More Wealth with Partners Than Alone
  • Help Meet Current Changes in Credit Requirements
  • Lowers Buy-In Rate
  • Investing is More Fun with Partners/Networking Team
  • Buy More Now to Take Advantage of Appreciation when it Returns

Investors Criteria

  • Good Credit
  • Cash Reserve
  • Long Term Motivated Investor
  • Multi Property Commitment

Join Me

Now is the time for us to come together as investors and build generational wealth for our future. My goal is for us to capitalize on the incredible opportunities that are out there and build great relationships at the same time. Please call or email me today with any questions you may have! In addition, if you know of someone that is interested in making the most of this great opportunity, please pass my information on to them. I look forward to hearing from you.

Gary Burmaster