The follow list of home utility services does not guarantee that the service is available in your area. This list is meant to provide quick access to some of the most common utility services throughout Sacramento and Placer counties. Please contact your property manager with any questions about the utility services in your neighborhood.

Electric Services

The electric company you chose will depend on your rental location. Check with your property manager if you don't know which service is available in your area.

SMUD : Contact SMUD Electric Company to Transfer, Stop, or Start Electric Service.

PG&E : Contact Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) to Transfer, Start, or Stop Electric Service.

Roseville Utilities : The City of Roseville's electric service is available through the city.

Internet and Cable Providers

There are several internet and cable providers throughout Sacramento. The following are a few of the most popular service providers.

Sure West : Sure West provides internet, cable, and telephone services.

Comcast : Comcast provides internet, telephone, and cable service.

AT&T : AT&T provides telephone and internet service.

Frontier : Frontier provides telephone, internet service, and dish service.

Trash Services

The trash service you choose will depend on the location of your rental. If you need help selecting a trash service, contact your property manager.

Sacramento County
City of Sacramento
Waste Management
Placer County

Water and Sewage

Contact the city for information about water and sewage services. Many rentals include water and sewage fees with the rent payment. Check your lease or contact your manager before calling for service.