To minimize the inconvenience our tenants experience, it is our goal to ensure that all maintenance requests are responded to as fast as possible. If you have a maintenance request, please log in to your tenant "online portal".

Log-in to Your Tenant Portal

What Happens Next?

Once you submit the request, a member of our staff will contact the appropriate vendor for your maintenance need and will assign the work order request. All work orders will be given an 8am to 5pm window when the technician will be at your unit to perform the requested work. Technicians will call you directly based on your contact information within your online portal to schedule the appointment, so please make sure that contact information is kept up to date!

Please notify the All Inclusive Realty Group Inc. office (916-978-0992) immediately with any emergencies. (Emergencies usually involve water leaks, electricity, health hazards, etc.)

Important Information Regarding Maintenance

You may be charged a "trip charge" if we are unable to perform the work due to any one of the following reasons:

  • Pets have not been contained.
  • Screen doors are locked and we cannot gain entry (if you are unable to be home for the day)
  • Incorrect keys (if your locks have been changed and you are unable to be home for the day).