Getting Started as a All Inclusive Realty Group Inc. Vendor

Thank you for your interest in becoming a All Inclusive Realty Group Inc. Preferred Vendor. We are continuously looking for skilled vendors for a variety of residential and commercial projects including handymen, contractors, HVAC technicians, appliance technicians, window installers, carpet cleaners, residential cleaning services, and much more. Please submit a complete vendor application and supporting documentation for further consideration.

All Inclusive Realty Group Inc. Preferred Vendors receive the opportunity to bid on jobs from hundreds of our rental properties throughout the greater Sacramento area.

Required Forms


1. Master Service Agreement: Please fill these forms out in their entirety with all details about the company.

2. W-9: This sheet is used for tax purposes; please fill out the top section as well as Part I, and Part Ill. Do not forget to sign the W-9 at the bottom in order to make the document official.

3. Business License: Please provide copy of business license.

4. Workman's Compensation: Please provide proof of workman's complete insurance (if applicable).

5. Liability Insurance: Please provide copy of liability insurance (minimum $500.00) per occurrence and show that BRES has been named on additional insured.

6. Contact Information: All vendors of All Inclusive Realty Group MUST be able to correspond via fax, email AND cell phone. This is imperative for communication with our office. All work orders will be submitted through these lines of communication.

How to Submit Your Vendor Application

To apply as a All Inclusive Realty Group Inc. Preferred Vendor, please provide the Master Service Agreement and supporting documents to our Vendors Relations department:

Send by E-mail, Attn: Vendor Relations

Send by Postal Mail
All Inclusive Realty Group, Attn: Vendor Relations
P.O. Box 1163 Sloughhouse, CA 95683

Questions? Please contact our Vendor Relations Department at (916) 330-1056.